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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's historic 1976 Ooty discourse - the medallion discourse

A surprise gift
Baba at a devotee's home in Cantonment, Bangalore in
1968. The photo gives an idea of how Swami looked
a few years before this episode occurred.
 Photo credit: S.Balasubramanya

I received an email with the subject line - “Swami’s revelations for the future”. With eagerness, I opened it to find an audio file. I heard it and felt a surge of joy and love welling in my heart. That audio clip had been constituted from 2 different discourses delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The first part was from a landmark discourse that Swami delivered in Ooty, during the summer course there in 1976. The second part was from a discourse delivered a few months later. As I searched via Google, I found the same audio clip on a few blogs. While they presented the clip, the details provided along with the same were almost sketchy. Moreover, some ‘anti-Sai’ sites made efforts to provide the ‘history’ of this significant discourse in 1976. I was pained to see how they had totally misrepresented the context of Swami’s words, quoting as proof ‘people’ who never exist!

That was when I enlisted the help of Dr. T.Ravikumar, currently the warden at the Brindavan campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He had been physically present when both the discourses had been delivered and provided the details. They are thrilling and, as is the case with Swami always, are pregnant with meaning at different levels and planes. Hearing the audio clips, one is just lost in wonder, awe, love and gratitude for Swami. Without further ado, let me present the details.

The Ootacamund summer course of 1976
The summer course in Indian Culture and Spirituality had been shifted from its traditional Bangalore venue at Brindavan to the hill-station at Ootacamund (Ooty) in the state of Tamil Nadu because the boys hostel was being built at Brindavan. For those that are unaware of what a Summer Course with Bhagawan Baba is, here is a brief description. It had started off as a study of the Indian scriptures and value systems for a time period ranging from a fortnight to a month for the youth from various parts of India and the world. Swami would take active interest in it and would address the students on a daily basis. The students were also blessed to hear different scholars and erudite speakers. As years passed by, attending a Summer Course was made a special privilege of only the students studying in the various educational institutions started by Swami. The format and schedule remained the same.

It was in a private session with the students, Dr.Bhagawantham and Al Drukker. Al Drukker has recorded his memories of the session in his book. However, the details are not elaborate as his understanding of Telugu was minimal, if not nothing! As Swami gathered the students around him one day, He revealed.

I will now announce what I am going to do in future for this country, India— and for the rest of the world. It will now be shown to you on what I am going to materialize.

(It was at this point that Swami materialized a medallion and showed it to the gathering. The medallion was round with a black onyx base. It had a silver map of India with 18 jewels embedded in it. The map had a 100 Sanskrit verses inscribed on it and Swami said that it had all information about the Avatar. He continued to speak after that.)

Photo credit:

What I have materialized contains a map with all the eighteen different components in India. The map also shows where the memorial stupas (pillars) will be which represent the work that is going to be done by Me in pictorial form on this medallion which I have just now materialized. On the medallion the work and the future tasks which I am going to fulfill  is inscribed in Sanskrit.

This Body in which I have come is going to be present for another forty-six years and in those forty-six years, whatever dharmasthapana, whatever work will be done by Me in the country is all written now on the medallion in complete detail. Not only this, but which boy is to be entrusted with the task in which of the states, (his name) is also written on this medallion. If there is anyone who reads this Sanskrit script very well, he can read what is written on this.

At this point, all the students requested Swami Himself to reveal what is on the medallion. As the requests grew louder, Swami said, - “I shall not reveal the future - if you wish, you can read for yourself.” One of the boys took the medallion, and as Dr. Ravikumar revealed, tried to read what was on it. The text was very tiny. He borrowed the spectacles of a friend and tried to read it under the magnification. But all that he could make out was that the lettering was in the Devanagiri script or Sanskrit. Swami continued to speak. As you can hear in the audio file, Swami speaks continuously for several minutes before allowing the translator, Dr. Bhagawantham, to step in. So, the translation given below is not exact sentence by sentence, but the gist.

All the things that are going to happen in time, in the future is present on this.  I shall prepare individuals capable of spreading the Bharatiya culture and spirituality to the whole world. In the case of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, he had to use only one or two persons (for the fulfilment of Ramakrishna’s mission), Vivekananada and Brahmananda, who were sannyasis (renunciants). You don’t need to become sannyasis. In this particular task of Mine, I am going to use you young people in a large measure, as you are, putting you on the right path. I will use you as My instruments for doing all that is intended to be done. Where the instruments will be and what will be their qualities - all that is described here on this materialized item.

In order to show all of you children who have gathered here that you should be good in upholding the ideals of Swami, I have done this. Gradually, I shall tell you everything in a way you understand. You need not worry.

(And then came the most beautiful statements. One can hear Swami pouring out His love and compassion.)

A close up of the materialized medallion
Why do you hanker after this thing (medallion)? Why, when the Person who has produced this is here and He belongs to you and is in your grasp, why do you want to look at what has been produced?  I am here before you - I who have produced this. I belong to you. I will look after you. I will tell you what to do.The way you have to be taken to your goal, transformed and built is all with Swami. Go slowly, don’t be in a haste. What has been described here, what I intend to do…all in the next forty-six years; who I am going to use, and how I am going to use them; how you will all put on the right path, this will all be described by Me to you, item by item, in due course. Don’t be in a haste. Only remember that you should take the determination to do it and you should appreciate the task you are called upon to do. You should determine to take the right path, to follow Me and My task. This is all you have to do.

Swami Himself will do and secure the future of Bharat with Dharma that is more progressed and advanced than the glorious 'olden' days. Whatever happened in the past (regarding Dharma) happened without people properly understanding. But now, you will see it’s glory clearly, the way you see yourself in the mirror. You will get opportunities to see Swami in many forms. Make efforts to protect and preserve this experience. That much is enough.

The rest will be looked after by Me. I belong to you, and I am with you. Why do you think (only) of what I have produced (materialised)?Moreover, in future you will see Me in many different forms which are manifestations of Myself.

Swami had, right from the beginning, the plan to implant His Divinity and Divine Power all over the world. For the sake of this, Swami has established educational institutions all over the world. In the name of education I brought all the students here. I will tell you how this Divine power, how these sound waves and electric waves and jyothi (Divine light) power --will function in the future. When Swami is talking in the auditorium, Swami may be seen in mandir. When Swami is seen in the auditorium, He will been seen in the classrooms - that too, when Swami is receiving Aarthi in the temple - actually through this jyothi power. Even in My discourses, when Bharathiya (ancient Indian) culture is being explained, Swami will be just giving you these experiences through experiments.

It is easy to tell. What is essential is that you should experience it. You will all experience this. You will all experience this. You will all enjoy it. You will also distribute it and you will expand your heart. This is the primary goal of our Institute and aim of our Institute.
Stay with that faith, devotion and conviction - Shraddhavan Labhate Jnanam.

The Actual Audio of the discourse with subtitles...

"Everything is in the palm of the hand of the all-knowing
one." Photo credit: S.Balasubramanya

The second part of the discourse on the audio clip
As I stated in the beginning, the audio file has two clips. It should not be mistaken as the same discourse. The second discourse is being translated by Sri. Sudarshan. My guess is that the similarity of themes inspired the compiler to stitch the two clips together. The contents of the second clip are also very inspiring as you can read for yourself here. (At the end of it, there is a link to download the audio file)

I have also resolved that very soon I will be launching on a massive programme of revitalising our ancient customs, our ancient treasures, our ancient traditions, and all the scriptural truths—about all people and in all lands. You need have no doubt whatsoever that we will be successful. Victory is bound to be ours. We will surely experience the trumpet of victory.  Don’t give yourself to doubt or distress. Don’t get hassled by doubts. We shall be very soon blowing the conch of victory all around. This is a certainty. This is a certainty.

Embodiments of Love!

What the future holds is beyond your sight, beyond your understanding. But I can see what the future is going to be like. A time will come when the whole world will be at My Feet. A time will come when the whole world will rejoice, in having understood My true Divinity, My true Nature. It is a great effort that I am making thereby. At present I am confining Myself; I am not letting not letting My glory spread all over, all of a sudden because the world cannot possibly put up with it (now). But certainly a day will come, when the peoples of the world would recognise what Swami is; His Majesty, His grandeur.

The world will very soon become a big Prashanti Nilayam by itself. They will all come flocking in their lakhs and their millions. Even those who have the golden opportunity of sitting so close to Me understand this truth now. Make the best of the opportunities that are coming your way. Listen to Swami’s words. Live in His love. Experience His bliss which is very much your own. Do not fritter away this golden opportunity for you will not get this later.

The audio file of the above two clips is presented in the link below. Please use any ONE of the links below to download the file.


Share the file along! :) God bless us all with love divine. 

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