Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ugadi 2018 Divine Omnipresence of Sathya Sai at Prasanthi Nilayam

The Samvatsara with the name Vilambi arrived on the 18th of March 2018, marking the beginning of a new year in the 60-year cycle. The festival of Ugadi was celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as the people of Maharashtra celebrated Gudi Padwa and the Parsi people prepared to celebrate Navroz. In Prasanthi Nilayam, the abode of highest peace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi, Ugadi is celebrated with great fervour and tradition every year in accordance with the precedent set by Swami Himself. This year was no different. However, it was also quite different in the sense that Bhagawan chose to show His loving omnipresence in a unique manner.

That revelation of His Presence started on note of apparent failure!

The beautifully decorated Sai Sannidhi at Prasanthi Nilayam on the Ugadi day in 2018.
When the discourse went into mute mode...

The morning dawned with the myriad hues and colours of the Ugadi decorations unfolded as the curtains of the Sai Sannidhi were drawn open. The customary Panchanga Shravanam, listening to the annual forecast based on the Panchanga, was delivered by Brahmasri Kuppa Siva Subramanya Avadhani Garu of Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams. The most anticipated part of the proceedings however was reserved for the last. The customary prayer to bless the gathering with His Divine Discourse was made and, as always, the Radiosai team played an appropriate discourse clip that had been prepared almost a fortnight before. It was an audio clip and as Swami and the translator spoke, the text of the message was projected onto the giant screens as well.

A few sentences into the discourse, ‘failure’ struck! The audio suddenly went off and there was absolute silence in the Sai Kulwant Hall. However, the display of the text of the discourse progressed. A few people ran up and down frantically trying to fix the situation as the silence in the hall continued beyond a minute. What had happened was a terrible mistake.

Whenever there is a programme scheduled in Sai Kulwant hall (other than the daily Veda chanting and Bhajans), the systems in the hall are always run on generator power. This is to ensure that the programme goes on smoothly without even the 15-seconds no-power time that is necessary for the generators to kick in. Even on the programme days, to minimize fuel consumption, the generator is put on after the Veda chanting, just before the programme begins. A mix-up or miscommunication had occured because of which the generator-guy had assumed that the programme is beginning at 9 am and had promptly switched the load from raw power to the generator! That had resulted in a downtime when there was no power available for Sai Kulwant Hall. In the meanwhile, the projectors that run on UPS continued to work. Thus, this strange situation cropped up wherein it felt as if the discourse had been ‘muted’.

However, before the blame-game could begin, Swami revealed His masterplan and there were goosebumps instead of annoyance!

Mute spectators to the ‘muting’ miracle

Once the power came back on, the Radiosai team quickly restarted the discourse clip so that the precious few sentences missed could be regained. Swami’s powerful voice once again filled the air as He emphasized on the essential need of winning over the mind and senses to be called as a true conqueror. Then came the lines which made it evident that the ‘power failure’ was actually the ‘practicals’ part of the ‘theory’ that Swami was explaining. Those sentences went like this:

Many think that the loudspeaker is the basis for all sounds.

The moment the current stops here, the loudspeaker is useless.

In this also, it is the current that is the basis.

The ear is merely like the loudspeaker.

It is only because of the Atmic current that the ears make you listen.

The lesson couldn’t have been driven home more powerfully and more aptly! A murmur of excitement and thrill passed through the audience as Swami spoke these words. Swami’s photo at the Sannidhi seemed to be smiling and enjoying the thrill and surprise that the devotees were experiencing. How can one say that Swami is not in Prasanthi Nilayam now?

Screen shot of the sentence in the Divine Discourse that brought goosebumps of joy! 
The experience of His Presence that Swami so lovingly conferred on those that had gathered in Prasanthi Nilayam to begin the New Year was so fulfilling. The live broadcast by Radiosai ensured that those that had virtually gathered at Prasanthi Nilayam too partook the blessing. What good fortune it is to be mute witnesses to His Divine drama where an apparent mistake too is part of His masterplan! The experience is an eye-opener for us when we get thoughts of things going awry or wrong in Swami’s organisations. It inspires us to keep doing our part sincerely, with all love with the complete awareness that everything is part of His masterplan. He is ALWAYS watching and is ALWAYS doing everything for His dear devotee.

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  1. If we are open for His teaching in His omnipresent way, we will notice many times it also happens in our daily life through the days and weeks, that Swami give us signs, that He is the DOER and we are just His instruments. And yes, Aravind, when this happens, i am just as exited as you, and grateful to haveHim in mylife and that He once more showed, that He is the Divine Teacher! Lots of Love from Granny

    1. Perfectly put granny! :) It all boils down to keeping our eyes and hearts open.

      Hope you are doing good... Swami is definitely with you always and that is evident in the peace and joy you exude.

      In Sai Love

    2. Our sincere thoughts,words and actions speak the truth and Swami beautifully portrays us through His Choicest instruments even to those who are dumb and deaf. Many a times,we feel as though Swami is not with us,but, everytime He steps in front of us and replies even to those who hate our presence,appreciating us to them and they just cant stop that!
      We need to be silent audience and see the game play!
      Swami is Atma Antaryami..😊

    3. V true,I witnessed both the silence and prompt lines of Swamy about "the moment...loudspeaker is useless.It was as though Swamy replied to my surprised mind too.
      HIS Leela indeed.Thanks Granny .

  2. Sairam brother. I was just mentioning this to our brothers in hostel. Swami is always in charge :)

    1. Awesome! :)
      Yes... These things have to be shared for they make the heart light and the bright. :)

  3. wow! sai ram:) cant hold the excitement of this miracle even while reading it
    Wonder how it must have been for the live audience.!
    swamis surprises which are beyond anyone's imaginations are truly magnificient!

    1. Actually, it was different reactions in the live audience... Some caught it immediately while it dawned slowly on some... Some others had their attention drawn to it while some simply missed it! :)

      Typical of how things happen in Swami's presence I guess. ;)

  4. Beautiful. Infact as a student I have so many more miracles to share. Swamy has been guiding me all the time. He might be physically not around but visits me in dreams, blesses me and guides me. He is truly omnipresent.

  5. Wow . Thank u for sharing HIS omnipresence. Jai SaiRam. Happy Ugadhi

  6. Wow . Thank u for sharing HIS omnipresence. Jai SaiRam. Happy Ugadhi

  7. Yet again Swami shows His omnipresence. :) I keep having so many experiences to show that He is the Hridayanivasi within me and also within others. I had a beautiful experience yesterday in this regard and it yet again for the umpteenth time reiterated for me that He is the silent prompter from within me for all my actions. So grateful to Him because daily He keeps showing He is with me, in me, around me all the time. :)

    1. Amma sairam!

      This happens with me day in and day out. Swami is omnipresent! In me, around me above me below me, swami every where and in all of us.

      another experience, The moment some issue crops up... pray...there is a solution either in form of a person or his own way the problem gets solved.... awesome

      Happy Ugadi to all brothers and sisters in sai love...

      In Sai Love...
      Jai Sai Ram

  8. Every loving swamy with his Omnipotent , omnipresence always playfully gives message. Jaisairam

  9. feel thirsty and drink fresh water...tks for your sharing brother..sairam

  10. Very true. He is the inner prompter and also guide. November last year my wife was asking me to give some ideas for a balavikas programme which she and her co-gurus were preparing for. Out of the blue the topic that struck my mind was Navavidha bhakti as Swami has taught us. I was searching for discourse clippings and also content for each type of bhakti. A few days after that we got the Sanathana Sarathi issue for the month in a few days and lo and behold there was an entire discourse in that issue where Swami has explained each bhakti of the Navavidha bhakti. Truly He is the inner prompter and inner guide for all of us

  11. Sairam Aravind. What a beautiful way SWAMI directed the event and all played their parts perfectly, to drive home the point that HE had made in that discourse. What remains is our hearts are filled with divine love, alert to take in each and every moment with equanimity as HIS thoughtful and loving gift to all.

  12. Thanks for sharing. He keeps His word " I am with you ..."
    We are blessed to experience His presence in our lives

  13. Sai ram...that's such an amazing experience to show his divine presence
    Felt thrilled reading it

  14. Sairam Brother - Thank you so much for thrilling us with this omnipresent experience. Thank you Brother for gifting us Love and Truth (Swami's message). Thank you, Deva

  15. Sai Ram,
    Usually a flower will fall down, or a bird will be seen sitting on the flowers in HIS samadhi. This time it was power cut. Until I read about the sequence, I could not put the two and two together. May be there is another message for us.

  16. Thank you brother for sharing wonderful experience.

  17. Omnipresent, always loving, always by the side..Jai Sai Ram. Thank you Arvind :)

  18. Your article from Newsweek issue in 1969, very important to me, on Bhagawan Baba. With Swami's blessings, I had gone to USA for studies in MBA. I missed Swami's physical presence there. After visiting a good childhood friend in St.Paul,Minn;I was returning to my University town in Mankato, Minn. Waiting for bus at the terminal in Nov.1969, I walked to the newspapers and journals store. At random I purchased the Newsweek issue. While travelling in the bus, I opened Newsweek and lo and behold saw Swami's photo and article to great delight with surprise. Swami proved to me that He is Omnipresent. It is the same one which now you are reprinting. For me it is very personal. Thanks and Sairam.


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